How Moola Keeps Your Gift Cards and Information Secure

Your privacy and security are essential to us.

Our Business is Security

Moola is part of Sky Global Technology who for the past 10 years have offered the most secure messaging app available. Our business is built on keeping our customer’s data private, protected, and secure.

Your privacy matters to us

You can use Moola anonymously, no account required.

Encryption and protection

We use the same levels of protections banks use for online transactions—and then some. We protect the information in the app on your phone, on our servers, and everywhere in between.

Extra security for peace of mind

If you’d like more security you can add a passcode to your Moola account or even biometrics like FaceID or TouchID for added protection and peace of mind.

Moola is the safest way to buy gift cards. Download now and secure your gift cards.

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