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Give guaranteed smiles this holiday season

Moola+ is Canada’s best corporate gifting platform

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Mobile Delivery

Send gifts instantly or schedule delivery across Canada

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Reinforce environmental credibility by avoiding plastic gift cards

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Flexible Gift Options

Let recipients choose their gift or choose for them

Incentives and rewards increase your triple bottom line

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Incentivize Employees

Small tokens can make all the difference in building a positive culture and achieving performance goals

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Invest in Loyalty

Showing appreciation goes a long way to retain key employees and clients

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Grow Partner Relations

Solidify positive relationships with partners, tenants, and suppliers

How Moola+ Works

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Give the Gift of Choice

Moola+ is the only corporate gifting program that allows recipients to choose their own rewards.

Or choose to take the reins into your own hands and select one reward for all.

With over 200+ brands on the Moola marketplace including Indigo, JOEY Restaurants, Petro Canada, Nordstrom, and Amazon, your gifts will always be well-received.




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fashion brands on Moola+
Brands on Moola+

Deliver a seamless gifting experience at scale this Holiday season

fashion brands on Moola+
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How Moola+ Works

How do I sign up for a Moola+ account?

Registration is easy! Because we’re in Beta release, you can register for Moola+ by contacting our Moola+ team using the contact form below.

How do recipients get their eGift Cards?

Your recipients will receive an email notifying them that you sent an eGift Card or Moola Credit. This email also includes your personalized message. Your recipient will be prompted to download the Moola app from Google Play or the App Store. Once downloaded, they can receive their gift.

How will their eGift Cards be delivered?

EGift cards will be securely delivered to their secure wallet within the Moola app once they download the app. If they are already one of the 15,000 Moola users across Canada, they’ll receive a pop-up notification that they’ve been sent a gift.

Do recipients need to sign up for a Moola account?

While users can use Moola anonymously, registering an account will allow them to access their Moola account from a different device. This means they can log in to the app from either their work phone or personal phone. Registering an account also offers recipients greater security as if they damage, replace, or lose their phone, they’ll be able to retrieve the gift you sent easily.

Can I personalize my gift?

Yes you can!

How easy is it to upload email addresses?

Uploading recipients’ email addresses is easy. You can upload email addresses in bulk using our CSV import feature. Alternatively, you can enter the email addresses manually.

How long does the Moola+ application process take and is there a fee?

The application process is easy, fast, and free. Once you complete the form, the Moola+ team will contact you within a business day. Activating your account will take less than 10 minutes.

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    *Please note that all Moola Partners need a current gift card program in order to participate.

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