Have a Cozy and Safe Family Holiday this Season from Gap

What a year this has been. If there was any year where sitting around in cozy PJs sipping hot cocoa is the top of everyone’s list, it’s this one.

We all need a little family time. We need some comfy time. Good thing Gap has everything you need for your whole family from shirts, socks, and jeans to cozy hats, pajamas, and sweaters. 

Just the ticket you need to get everyone winter ready.

Gap has something for everyone

Have a Cozy and Safe Family Holiday this Season from Gap 2

If there is one thing Gap—and Gap Kids and Baby Gap—is famous for its great clothes for everyone. Way back when they were famous for their jeans, but today there is so much more.

There are so many hidden gems too like graphic t-shirts with all the best superheroes on them. The kid-at-heart set has plenty of options too. Recently Gap has expanded their activewear line—and GapFit®— so you can go from cozy to competitive with a single change.

There’s a good chance when you go into any Gap you’re going to find a, “wow, I didn’t know Gap had that!” followed quickly by, “that’s a great deal!”. When you need something both high quality and casual, Gap should always be your first stop.

Have a Cozy and Safe Family Holiday this Season from Gap 3

Be holiday picture perfect

Want to take that perfect family photo with everyone in matching shirts or PJs? Gap is the place to get those outfits. They have two entire sections of their site for matching clothes and matching PJs (even for your furry friends). There may or may not be people here at Moola who have their holiday picture PJs already from the Gap.

If you’re wondering about sizes and returns, Gap makes it really easy. You can buy online and return in a store. Try on everything without carrying tons of options into the change room and wrangling kids too.

Being safe doesn’t mean being uncool

Most holidays are just about being with friends and family. This year we’re all working on keeping our friends and family safe. Across Canada, masks are required in most indoor public places and Gap has masks for everyone in your family.

Have a Cozy and Safe Family Holiday this Season from Gap 4

Consensus here at Moola is the kids masks are way cooler than the grownup ones. The masks come in handy three-packs so you have a wear, spare, and in the wash mask for everyone. Gap masks are comfy cotton that keep your face warm when you’re outside. They have both pleated and flat front masks depending on what you prefer. If you need to know how to make your eyes pop while wearing a mask, we have you covered.

There’s even more in store and online

Even in the best of times, getting out to do shopping during the holidays is a chore—there’s finding a parking spot, dealing with crowds and long lines, which can be tricky with social distancing.

Shopping on Gap Canada online is fast and easy. Individual stores might not have your size or favorite color, but what you’re looking for is almost always available online. Don’t forget you can return items in the store (after the holidays are over), so no worrying about packing things up and mailing them.

Moola is made for saving

We’re so happy we can help you save some money this holiday season on clothes for the whole family. With savings of up to 5% on eGift cards from Gap, you can stock up on winter cozies—and all from your phone.

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Have a Cozy and Safe Family Holiday this Season from Gap 6

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