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Steve’s Poke Bar

Poke, pronounced “POH-KAY”, means “to chop” in Hawaiian. It is chopped cubes of raw fish marinated in Hawaiian salt, spices, and sauces. But hey that’s a mouthful! So when your friends ask, you can tell them that Poke is cubed raw fish marinated with Hawaiian sauces & spices.

We like Poke made the traditional Hawaiian way: marinated fresh every day. Our Pacific Ahi Tuna, BC Salmon & whole Scallops are all marinated in with Steve’s family childhood recipes. We marinate our Poke with the two Hawaiian classic Poke flavours, Shoyu & Spicy Mayo. We don’t just serve you raw fish with sauce on top, we marinate them until they’re rich with flavour of our imported Hawaiian spices & in-house sauces.

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