Buy-Low Foods Gift Card

Give the gift of delicious, sustainable, and “green” groceries with a Buy-Low Foods gift card!

Buy-Low Foods opened its first location on Arbutus Street in Vancouver, BC, in 1966. In September of 1995, Buy-Low Foods then consisted of four corporate and four franchise locations was purchased from its founders by the Jim Pattison Group. Since then the brand has grown to 27 retail locations throughout BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan and has acquired other grocery brands like Nester’s Market, and Choices Market.

Buy-Low Foods takes sustainability very seriously. They employ so many green initiatives we would have to write a whole other page to include them all. Some highlights of their incredible efforts are 100% recyclable in-house containers, they offer reusable cardboard tote boxes to customers (instead of bags), they insist their suppliers meet or exceed their humane and responsible standards, and they even use the cold air that “spills” from their refrigeration units to cool the stores in the warmer months!

Send the gift of food this holiday season

A Buy-Low Foods gift card can be purchased through Moola from anywhere in Canada. This way, no matter how far from the western-based grocery chain you are, you can still give the gift of grocery to loved ones who live in the western provinces through Buy-Low Foods!

Saving Money with Buy-Low Foods

It’s in the name, Buy-Low Foods make it easy to find great prices on your groceries. They feature a Weekly Flyer, on paper, online, or in-email, showcasing the current best deals, as well as monthly “Budget Saver” promotions with items on sale all month long. And items featuring the “WOW Unbeatable Savings” badge, guarantee a lower price than the local competition for that same item. They also have a “Buy Big Buy-Low” badge indicating weekly savings on bulk meat purchases, and through “My Neighbourhood Rewards” offer points towards free groceries!