Getting Started with

Moola & Testflight

Welcome to the exclusive preview of Moola.

Thank you for testing Moola—we think you’re really going to like it. Moola was designed to make redeeming gift cards and using rewards cards fast, easy, and painless. Here’s what’s going to happen next and how to install Moola on your phone.

  • You will get an email from TestFlight with the subject Moola Inc has invited you to test “Moola Wallet”. Please open this email on your iPhone.
  • Tap “View in TestFlight”
  • Safari will open and you will see a screen like this to prompt you to download TestFlight from the App Store. (If you already have TestFlight you can skip this step and redeem your code in TestFlight).
  • Once TestFlight is downloaded and installed open TestFlight
  • In the top right corner tap “Redeem”. A box will pop up to enter your personal invitation code for Moola.
  • Go back to Safari and the page with the invitation code and copy it
  • Paste the code into the pop up box and tap “Redeem”.
  • On the next screen tap “Install” to install Moola.
  • When Moola is installed tap “Open”
  • After the welcome screens, tap to create your account. Please create your account with your email address. Creating an account with Facebook or Google will be implemented in the future.

During this early access preview we recommend you bring your gift and rewards card with you while shopping.

You’re now ready to create your Moola account and start adding gift and rewards cards! Remember if you add three gift or rewards cards to Moola and use the app once a week between now and January 31, 2019, you’ll be entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card. TestFlight will send you a notification when there is an update to Moola. If you have any questions, email