Find the hottest toys plus something for everyone on your list at Indigo

Indigo is one of those places you can wander in and always find something cool. A great new read. A gift for someone. Even something for your home.

And toys.

Indigo has an amazing selection of the hottest toys kids of all ages want. From Melissa & Doug to LEGO to art supplies, Indigo has a curated collection of toys in store and online sure to inspire wonder.

Find the hottest toys plus something for everyone on your list at Indigo 2

Hot toys abound

Indigo has a whole section dedicated to the hot toys of 2020. As you’d expect LEGO, American Girl, LOL Surprise, and Hot Wheels are hot this year.

If you have younger kids, take a look at the toys from Melissa & Doug. Their line of well-made wooden toys and will inspire imagination and creativity in every child who plays with them. Don’t read “wooden toy” and think “old fashioned”. Melissa & Doug are as modern as you can get. Why wood? It’s durable. It’s sturdy. It lasts.

For the budding scientist, you can find coding kits, crystal growing sets, and everything else a young scientist needs to feed their passion. Things like small microscopes and magnifiers are fun for kids as young as 5. If a child in your life is into STEAM, you’re sure to find something for them.

If you’re still stumped for something to get, Indigo has gift guides in their Kids Holiday Shop for babies to pre-teens. Their gift guides include book recommendations with hundreds of books to choose from.

There is nothing like a good book.

Find the hottest toys plus something for everyone on your list at Indigo 3

Don’t forget a good book

Toys are great for the young and young at heart, but there is something special about books. Getting a wonderful book is a gift that lasts well beyond the holidays. This is a great time for a good read or a book on a new found hobby (say bread baking … Beard on Bread is a classic and Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast covers the art of artisan baking like no other).

It’s always tough to pick the right book for someone, so start with Indigo’s top books of 2020. You might not find the right book there, but follow your nose and I’m sure you’ll find something.

Lots of people prefer eBooks now. Why be limited to carrying one book at a time when you can carry hundreds! The Kobo ereader carries hundreds of books, is easy on the eyes, and has a tremendous battery life. The Kobo eReader and companion apps for phones and laptops makes sure you always have a great read on hand.

Something to brighten your home

One of the surprising finds at Indigo are all the things for your home. Cozy throws, mugs, glassware, even cook and kitchen ware!

Indigo even has gifts for the furry friends in your life. You might go in for the books, magazines, or toys, but the finds for your home are really special.

With the holidays coming up, you can check out all the holiday decor they have right now. Indigo has great ideas for holiday entertaining, including  essentials and gifts for hosts. We know this year might not be the biggest entertaining year, but virtual parties are still parties! No reason you can’t buy a gift for your virtual host and ship it to them from Indigo Online.

Think about it, you could have a cocktail and charcuterie party across the country!

Find the hottest toys plus something for everyone on your list at Indigo 4

Little gifts and stocking stuffers

Sometimes you need to give someone a little something. A small gift for a friend, a teacher, someone who has made a difference in your life this year. Browsing through the stocking stuffer collection is an effort in “wow that’s a perfect gift!” and “ooh, I need that!”. From little herb growing kits to multitools,  and tech gadgets to journals, there is something for your whole list.

You might not have thought a pet treat launcher was a thing, but this year with a lot of new pets at home, so why not.

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Find the hottest toys plus something for everyone on your list at Indigo 5
Find the hottest toys plus something for everyone on your list at Indigo 6


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