A New Way to Expedite Your Moola Purchase

We made buying gift cards with Moola even easier than before, and we’re ready to share the news. This new feature will not only expedite the gift card buying process, it will also keep your payment information safe and secure. It’s simple, straight-forward, and we’re sure it will give you a better user experience.


Moola Introduces New Mini-Authorization Feature

Over the past several months, Moola’s popularity has exploded — all thanks to customers like you! During this growth, we recognized a need to improve our checkout validation. That’s why we have recently introduced a new feature that will automate this process and ensure your transactions are expedited quicker and more conveniently.

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For new customers, we will now require a one-time card validation where we authorize a small transaction to your credit card. You simply need to login to your online banking to find the transaction, then return to Moola and enter the amount.

You may have seen this process before with other companies. The small amounts will never be charged to your credit card, they will only appear as a pending authorization and will be removed from your online banking within 3-5 business days.

There are three main reasons we made this improvement.

  • To protect you from a fraudster using your credit card being used without your authorization
  • To improve the user experience by allowing transactions to be processed quicker and more conveniently
  • To ensure we are transacting with the true cardholder and not someone pretending to be you

We can assure you this new verification process is only going to make things easier for the both of us.

boy on phone and moola and gift card deals

What if I Already Passed Validation?

As mentioned, this process is only for new customers. If you’ve bought gift cards from Moola in the past, then you will not need to do any additional steps.

If, for whatever reason, you create a new account, or change your credit card on file, then we would treat you as a new customer. In such case, you would be required to complete this one-time authorization step.

We’re excited to offer you a more convenient way to shop and will continue to improve Moola so that we provide exceptional value to you.

We’re Always Looking for Ways to Make Moola Better

If you have any ideas on how we can improve Moola, we’d love to hear about it! Fill out our feedback form located in the app, and let us know how we can make Moola even better. We sincerely value your continued support.

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