New Moola Feature: You Can Now Use Bitcoin to Buy eGift Cards with Moola

Pay with Bitcoin with no transaction fees on all gift cards on Moola.

With Moola’s new bitcoin payment feature, you can buy egift cards using bitcoin from your favorite stores right on your phone. This is a fast and easy way to spend your bitcoin and get savings of up to 20% for egift cards at your favorite retailers.

Choose from hundreds of popular brands, pay with bitcoin

Moola is a free digital smart wallet and gift card marketplace app. You can store all your existing egift cards, reward cards, membership cards in one place, plus get great deals and bonus offers on gift cards from your favorite Canadian merchants.

Moola has worked with your favorite brands across Canada to get you savings and bonuses of up to 20%. Now that we accept bitcoin, it’s even easier to get these great deals for yourself.


Easy, fast, and no transaction fees

We’ve made buying gift cards with bitcoin easy and fast. Plus, we don’t charge transaction fees on your purchase. If you’re new to Moola, here’s how it works:


  1. Using Moola, you can save up to 20% on hundreds of egift cards from brands you know and love.
  2. When you check out, choose “Pay with Bitcoin”
  3. You’ll have 15 minutes to complete the transaction. However, if you want to save on your network fees, we will still accept the payment within 3 days.
  4. Once payment is received and confirmed by the network, we’ll deliver your gift card directly to your Moola wallet.

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Bitcoin conversion rates

Since Bitcoin is a fluctuating currency, we’ll give you the up-to-the-minute rate on your transaction when you buy an egift card. We get the reliable market price of bitcoin by examining trading prices on high volume exchanges.

Partial Payments

Need to pay from different wallets? No problem! Moola accepts partial payments. All you need to do is use the same QR code for your purchase. Once we’ve received your full payment, we’ll process your order and your egift cards will be delivered straight to your Moola smart digital wallet.


Try Moola and buy gift cards with bitcoin—with no transaction fees

Try Moola today, available in iOS and Android. Download Moola, pay with bitcoin, save money. It’s that simple.

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