Goro + Gun

Goro + Gun

When it reached theatres, the Japanese film Tampopo (1985) was marketed as the world’s first “ramen western”. It’s the story of two truck drivers, Goro + Gun, who use their culinary expertise to change the fate of a struggling noodle shop. The passion those two characters showed for the art of noodle-making lives on at Calgary’s spacious 150-seat noodle bar Goro + Gun — lead by executive chef Tomo Mitsuno. Located on Stephen Avenue, upstairs on the +15 level, the restaurant melds modern art graphics with the distinctive hardwood and right angles of Japanese decor.

In the kitchen, six stock pots simmer with delicious broths. Tuck into a steaming bowl of Hakata-style ramen, made even better with a smoked egg. Or depart from noodle fare with house specialties like the tuna poke or spicy satay prawns. Vegetarian and gluten free options abound, and the gyoza, sauces, and pastes are made in-house with fresh ingredients. Whenever possible, dishes are prepared using wild fish instead of farmed. Complete your meal with one of 30 sakes from Goro + Gun’s curated selection. Chef Tomo Mitsuno previously spent 7 years working at a Michelin starred restaurant in Osaka, and belongs to an elite tier of the culinary world, certified in the safe preparation of deadly blowfish (fugu).

Website: www.goroandgun.ca

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