Black Friday Savings Come Early to Moola. Save Up to 20% From Stores You Love

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in North America. From door crasher specials to special deals, if you’re looking for savings, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can’t be beat. Now, what if we could make great Black Friday deals even better? What about getting some extra savings on top of what’s advertised? Sound good? This year Moola will help you save even more with exclusive deals on gift cards from the places you already shop.

Our Black Friday savings go from November 1–30. And, we’ll be unveiling new weekly deals all month long. It’s going to be worth it to check Moola often to grab a hot deal that’s in stock for a few hours (don’t forget to enable push notifications!).

Up to a 20% bonus from stores you love.

For our first Black Friday event, we’re excited to bring you savings of up to 20% on gift cards from stores like Sport Chek, Foot Locker, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Wayfair, and more. Use these gift cards to make Black Friday deals even more awesome. Make that door crasher special or online exclusive savings of 50% off into 60 or 70% off—instantly!

What’s hot

I think we’re all looking for great bargains and some retail therapy this year. From the looks of things, stores are happy to help. I took a look around and found some pretty cool deals.

Sport Chek is offering great deals on things to help us get ready for winter. It’s a La Niña year, which on the West Coast means lots and lots of snow. If your snow boots are looking a little leaky and your cozy coat isn’t as cozy as you remember, take a look at what’s on sale. We have some new folks on the Moola team planning on learning to snowboard this season and now might be the best time to grab gear before the mountains get more snow (we already had our first dusting on the mountains).

Wayfair, well, Wayfair is going all out. their Black Friday Sneak Peek savings have something for everyone. Me, I’m always looking for little kitchen upgrades (hello All Clad pans…), but Wayfair is also helping people make your home more cozy. How about a nice outdoor fire pit to sit by and sip hot chocolate? A cool reading lamp to read a great new book by?

Foot Locker hasn’t published Black Friday deals yet, per se, but they have some cool things on sale right now. There are cool kicks (I still call them sneakers no matter what), clothes, and accessories on sale. I would keep a close eye on the Foot Locker page, you know there will be great sales coming any time now.

Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack have a Make Merry sale on right now to start the holiday season off with savings. Nordstrom has things on sale for everyone, so picking up a gift card now to start shopping your new favorite holiday outfit. Nordstrom Rack has a great “gifts under $25” for the small gifts you always need on hand. We always have a few beautifully packaged gifts handy for that moment when someone gives you a gift and you need to give something back—and you hadn’t really put that person on your list. Stocking up on things like goodies, knick knacks, candles, can’t ever be a bad thing.

As we get closer to Black Friday, all of these stores are going to have more sales. We’ll let you know when we see something awesome we think you should know about.

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How much will I save?

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we’ve gotten special savings and bonuses for you that range from 5% to 20%. All of the brands we’re working with have something special to offer, you can’t go wrong no matter what you’re shopping for.

How it works

It couldn’t be much easier to start saving.

  1. Download Moola
  2. Get gift card deals to the stores you love, right on your phone
  3. Start shopping in-store or online

That’s it! Moola securely stores the gift cards you buy through the app—and any other gift cards you might get, scan them into Moola too! If you create a Moola account, all your gift and rewards cards are securely backed up to an encrypted server, so if you lose your phone, you can log back into Moola and all your gift cards will download back to your phone. No more lost gift cards!

Get shopping

Our Black Friday deals are going to go fast. Download Moola and start saving today.

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