All About Moola: How We're Changing the Way People Shop

The Story of Us – all about Moola including where we’ve been and where we’re going

Our story begins with one man’s trip to Asia.

On a trip to Asia, our CEO made an interesting observation—people were using gift cards to save money at stores, not as gifts for other people.

Gift cards were not really given as gifts in Asia. Giving gift cards as a gift was like giving a more restrictive form of cash that you can only use in one place. If you’re going to give “kinda cash”, why not just give “real” cash?

What our CEO saw was people purchasing bonus deal (e.g. buy $100 and get an extra $20)  gift cards to save money.

He noticed people using stacks and stacks of gift cards for everyday purchases. They used gift cards at the grocery store, the shopping mall, and even the restaurants they ate at. Why?

Because they got great deals on gift cards at the places they already shopped.

In Asia, people figured out an easy way to save money without really changing their lifestyle at all. They took their $200 and turned it in to $250 without having to do much of anything except keep an eye out for deals.

It was such a revolutionary idea that our CEO became committed to bringing the idea back to Canada in a new, fun, exciting, and better way.

Thus, Moola was born.

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All About Moola: the Beginning

Moola grew out of Sky Global and our secure communications solutions. When you’re dealing with people’s money—real money—you can’t do security just part way. It has to be ironclad from the beginning. Moola was built so you could buy, manage, and store gift cards right on your smartphone. Stop shuffling through stacks of plastic cards when you can see all the cards you have at a glance.

Moola was designed as a gift card app that allowed people to securely purchase gift cards right on their phones. He imagined Moola as an easier way of saving money—no stacks of plastic cards required.

Storing gift cards on your phone isn’t a new idea. Neither is buying gift cards online at a lower price. There were established competitors who already built a name for themselves selling gift cards. But they didn’t come with an app to manage the gift cards. And gift card management apps don’t offer a marketplace to buy gift cards.

We knew we could do it better with a single, secure, app that would do both—manage cards and let you buy them in a single place. We wanted to incorporate everything we knew about security to create the best place to buy gift cards on your phone. We wanted to create a secure platform for making purchases, where you could feel safe about spending money. We wanted to make buying gift cards on your phone easy for everybody.

All About Moola: How We're Changing the Way People Shop 2

All About Moola: The Evolution 

All good things take some time to get going. You can’t just build an app that will change the world in a day. Before we created the most secure marketplace full of merchants that people actually want to shop at, we had to start with a smart wallet. From a development perspective, it’s like walking before you run…it’s just the easiest way to do things.

We put everything we had in to building a smart wallet that solved all of your gift card management woes. In 2018, Moola was released as a place to store physical gift cards, loyalty cards, and rewards cards in one place. Moola helped you check your gift card balance, find store locations near you, and downsize your physical wallet. This was the most important step really, creating a great experience for managing your physical cards.

Moola was created with security in the forefront of our minds. Technology can be scary, especially when you’re trusting it with your real, live money. You don’t want anything to happen to your money and neither do we. That’s why we built in some extra security measures like extra passcodes and support for biometrics, all for your peace of mind.

Now how does a smart wallet turn in to a marketplace?

By a lot of people working really hard.

It took a dedicated team of devlopers and designers almost a year and a half to get the marketplace ready to launch.

All About Moola: How We're Changing the Way People Shop 3

All About Moola: The Marketplace

Our vision for the marketplace was simple—give people a platform to buy gift cards to their favorite stores at a lower price. We believe we can change the way people shop by making shopping easier.   

We created a user-friendly marketplace that was easy to understand and totally intuitive. We streamlined payment processes, refined our images, and tested our app innumerable times to ensure the very best experience for the user.

Countless hours of product development combined with many days and nights spent making phone calls to merchants led to the creation of what the Moola marketplace is today.

All About Moola: The New Addition

We do think gift cards are best when bought for yourself, but we know giving gift cards to friends and family is a convenient way to show them that you love them too. I think we can all agree however that snail mail is not the best way to do it.

It creates unnecessary waste.

It takes up a lot of precious time.

It’s certainly not secure.

Giving a gift card to your loved ones on the app seems like the perfect way to bring gift giving in to the new decade, don’t you think?

That’s why you can send gift cards to the people you love right on Moola. The gift cards will be sent securely to their phone with a personalized message from you. You’ll even be notified of when they accept it so you can rest assured that they receive your gift safely. All the person needs to do is download Moola, enter their special code, and the gift card is loaded into Moola and ready to use.

It’s the ultimate solution to the modern gift card giving problem.  

All About Moola: How We're Changing the Way People Shop 4

All About Moola: The Future

You’ve learned about Moola and our past, but what about our future? Moola has had quite the journey to get to where it is today, but we want to do so much more.

Our mission is to change the way people shop. Everything in your life is smart, why not make shopping smarter too?

We envision an app that will be your own personal shopper. Think smart house meets smart phone.

Moola will be able to tell you where you should use your gift cards, what kinds of gift card deals you may be interested in based on your previous purchases, and where you can get the best deals on any given day. We want Moola to have everything that you need right at your fingertips and we’re committed to creating an app that does just that—and does it securely.

We want you to save money at the places you’re going before you go there. We want you to think, hey maybe Moola has a deal for me…, while you’re shopping and score a great deal you can use right away. No more forgetting cards at home or trying to find “secret money saving codes”, Moola will make saving money as simple as search, tap, buy, use.

If you’ve been here since the beginning, then thanks.

If you’re new here, then welcome.

Either way, we hope you stick around to see just what Moola can be.