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Buy gift cards in Canada and save money

Cost of living in Canada is skyrocketing. If you’ve ever found a $5 bill in a pocket while doing the laundry or a toonie in your car, you know that small savings can make a big difference.

Buy gift cards

Buying discounted gift cards in Canada is easy with Moola in your pocket!

Store gift cards

Upload your physical gift cards to Moola for safe keeping and easy redemption!

Send gift cards

Send gift cards to smartphones across Canada to friends & family for a special day!

Moola helps you save money on things you buy and stop losing gift cards you’re given. Download it free now!

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Buy gift cards online fast + save

Access 200+ brands of egift cards easily and quickly. Buy and receive them straight to your phone.

Save gift cards in your phone

With Moola, you can digitize your gift cards to your phone. Store gift cards safely + redeem straight from your phone

Send gift cards to smartphones

It’s easy to instantly deliver, or schedule, a gift card to send to friends + family anywhere in Canada!

Shop your way + save money

Save the scroll by showing your regular brands some love. Easily repurchase them from your favorites tab.

Find deals to your favorite shops, services & restaurants

We’re proud to partner with over 200 of Canada’s favorite shops, services, and restaurants.

Deep-dive into Moola features

Jam-packed with features, Moola is the easiest Canadian app to find deals and the best way to store and send gift cards.

Save with weekly deals

Frequently Asked Questions about Moola

Yes! Moola is completely free to download and use!

Absolutely you can! Uploading your physical gift card to your Moola Wallet is simple. To upload a physical gift card to your Moola Wallet: 

  1. Tap on the Wallet icon in the bottom menu bar to open your Wallet 
  1. Tap on the ‘+’ sign at the top right of the screen 
  1. Search for merchant you need. You can do this by using the search bar to type in the brand name, navigating by using the alphabetical list on the right of the screen, or by scrolling through the list of brands. If you can’t find your card, you can tap at the top of the screen just underneath the search bar to manually add it 
  1. Follow the prompts. For manual entry of plastic cards that you already have in your possession, you can add the card by entering the merchant name and take a photo of the front and back of the card  
  1. If you have manually entered your plastic card (digitalized) into Moola, ensure to keep your plastic card in a safe place in case that particular merchant requires the physical card. 
What our users say

109,000 Canadians save money with Moola

Finally, an app that slims down my wallet size and allows me to checkgift card balances anytime! Keep the innovative ideas coming!
iOS user
A great way to give gift cards and store my gift cards that I'd otherwise lose!
Android user
Moola saved my family money... I now step foot into (stores) when I was never a shopper before. We are choosing Walmart as a grocery store, which we would have never done.
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