5 Tool Buying Tips to Nail it With the Handy People on Your List

Sometimes it feels like a huge challenge buying tools for the handy/DIY folks on your list. A tool that looks cool, may not be all that useful. Shopping for a DIY enthusiast is like shopping for any hobbyist—the things on their wish lists are very specific. Only a particular tool, in a particular size, from a particular brand is the right choice.

It’s enough to make anyone think “you know a gift card lets them pick exactly the right thing…”. We’re here to help. We have 5 tips to help you get the right gift.

The basics never get old

Everyone has their favorite screwdriver or hammer or wrench, but that doesn’t mean a new shiny one won’t be appreciated. It’s always good to have spares of things like driver bits, screwdrivers, and drill bits. You might not think a mini socket wrench or ratcheting screwdriver would be good gifts, but we assure you—they are awesome.

5 Tool Buying Tips to Nail it With the Handy People on Your List 2

If you see tool chaos in the garage, a tool or fastener (nails, screws, and bolts) organizer might be just the ticket. A new carpenter’s apron (good for gardeners too) or bag to carry a few tools are things you don’t realize you love until you have a bunch of small tools to carry.

Better tools, better value

Tools are one of those things where paying for higher quality is better. A dollar store hammer is fine for hanging a picture, but it won’t cut it for building a deck. Better tools last longer and feel better in your hand. An Estwing hammer is going to last a lifetime and is worth every penny.

If you’re giving someone their first set of tools, buy as high quality as you can. Maybe you can’t get all the tools at once, but a few good ones are better than a lot of mediocre ones.

All in one isn’t always better

It’s tempting to get some crazy tool that “does it all”, but they are often more gimmick than function. There are a few exceptions (like multitools), but in general don’t go for a gimmick. Good tools do a few things well and that’s it. Yes, you can open a paint can with a screwdriver, but a painter’s tool is much better.

Don’t fall for “wow this looks so cool!” packaging. Most of the time, those items will wind up at the bottom of the toolbox rarely to see the light of day.

Pocket gadgets are awesome

The one place where nifty gadgets are great are little pocket gadgets. From mini-multitools to screwdrivers, something you can carry in your pocket for quick fixes is awesome.

The classic small pocket knife is one of those things that goes in your pocket and stays there. Open a box, need scissors, open a battery compartment — you’re covered.

Ask for some help

Stumped? Ask an expert. The people at Home Hardware are more than happy to help you figure out which circular saw is the one to buy. They will help you find the right thing and make sense of what exactly is on the DIYer’s wish list.

5 Tool Buying Tips to Nail it With the Handy People on Your List 3

It feels good to support something local

Did you know Home Hardware stores are all locally owned and operated? In a lot of places, the local Home Hardware store is like a classic general store. It’s the place you can get, or order, just about anything. It’s a store where people get to know you and are happy to help you. They are part of your community and are there to help you.

5 Tool Buying Tips to Nail it With the Handy People on Your List 4
5 Tool Buying Tips to Nail it With the Handy People on Your List 5

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