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Your Smart
Digital Wallet

All your cards at your fingertips. You’ll never forget to use your gift cards to save money or to earn rewards points ever again!

What is Moola?

The most convenient, practical way to organize, store and manage all your cards in one app.

Gift Cards

Scan and store all your gift cards in Moola so you never forget to use it.

Rewards Cards

Never lose an opportunity to earn points when your digital card is on your phone.

How it works

You don’t have to be tech savvy to use it. Scan. Store. Use.

Digitize your plastic card

Take your cards our of your drawer and store them in Moola.

Find the card in our merchant list

Select your card’s brand from our list of over 500 merchants.

Choose a gift card design

Create a beautiful wallet by selecting from thousands of gift card designs.

Scan the bar code or enter the code manually

Easily scan your bar code into the app or enter your card number.

Store other cards in Moola

Can’t find the merchant in our list? No problem. Use Moola to store other types of cards by taking a photo of your card.

Record important card details

Enter your card’s expiry date, PIN code, legal terms and other notes that help you remember your card details.

Use your card

Display your bar code to redeem your gift card during your purchase or scan your bar code to earn your rewards points.

What you Get

Moola helps you to make the best use of your gift cards and rewards cards.

Track Your Balance

Save yourself from embarrassment. Always know your gift card balance before you use it.

Groups Cards By Brand

Moola can stack multiple cards from the same merchant so you keep your wallet organized and simple.

Store Locations

Know where to use your card. View a map or list of store locations near you.

Customize Your Wallet

Use Moola to store other types of cards like membership cards and more. Take a photo of your cards and record card details.

Hundreds of Card Designs

Build a beautiful wallet and choose from 100’s of merchants and card designs.

Merchant Info

Have merchant details like website, phone number and directions at your fingertips so you can plan your shopping trip.

No more fat wallets full of plastic cards.

Convenient. Smart. Intuitive